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The Company

Welcome to the home of the Jagoda Dance Ensemble! 

We are a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization which promotes Polish culture through  traditions and dance since 2015. 

Jagoda Dance Ensemble is promoting folk culture through artistic dancers, passionate songs, and colorful performances, throughout the community. The group aims to acquaint Polish-Americans with the richness of our culture and to help build pride of our heritage and traditions.

The goal of this group is to pass on to the next generation the treasures of Polish folklore with its uniqueness, diversity, and power of expression. The repertoire includes melodies, songs, and dances from all regions of Poland as well as Polish national dances. Every effort is made to preserve and perform authentic traditional Polish dances.

We hope you find our site beneficial if you are interested in joining us as a dancer, singer or musician! Our group is multi-generational and consists of teenagers and adults. There is a place for everyone, no experience needed!


Board of Directors

President - Andrzej Kaminski

Vice President/Artistic Director - Alicja Futoma

Secretary/Public Relations - Jagoda Futoma-Banka

Board Member - Andrzej Biernat

Board Member - Margaret Zak

Treasurer - Aneta Biernat

Join Us

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